My name is Emilie, born in Paris and raised in a family originated from Périgord. I moved this year to Amsterdam with my husband, where “Ma Petite Cuisine” began.

I have been an avid cook for many years. I enjoy the whole process of cooking : from picking up the right piece of meat in the market, gathering all the ingredients to achieve your meal, steps by steps, testing your sauce again & again.   

If the Cooking training I received in Paris, in small and more famous Culinary schools, strengthen my cooking skills, I learned the most important thing through my daily experience of cooking : respect the product, it will reward you. Mixing a hundred of spices doesn’t make your meal taste better. 

The Products I prefer to cook ? Les Volailles such as Faisan & Pintade, in a creamy sauce with a basis of Échalote & Vin Blanc.  

Our products & Ingredients

We cook fresh products daily selected in local markets in Amsterdam, and in particular in the Food Center where we find a great variety of products and the top quality. Some specific spices & ingredients are directly brought from France (such as piment d’Espelette, morilles séchées, oranges confites, pralines roses...).

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