Summer Menu 

For the next 3 months, Ma Petite Cuisine Amsterdam offers you a unique & special menu to enjoy summer the best way possible : outdoors, gathering with friends and family, enjoying a real French BBQ ! Some homemade duck and salmon rillettes  for the apéritif, a selection of good marinated meats that you will just have to grill, a salmon with asparagus, and a ratatouille & taboulé...To finish on a sweet note, try our selection of Macarons ! Do you feel the summer already?!  

Good news ! 

To enjoy your French BBQ perfectly, ma Petite Cuisine Amsterdam offers you a selection of French wines in partnership with "Chabrol Wines".

Find the whole information here !  

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Duck or Salmon Rillettes : 

For 4/6 people : 16 euros

For 6/8 people : 22 euros 

For 8/10 people : 28 euros 

For 10/12 people : 34 euros 

For more : on demand price. Bread non included. 

(you can ask for the same price a mix of both rillettes !)

Duck Rillettes & Salmon Rillettes

(homemade of course :) 

Les viandes et poisson à griller 

Chicken with Apricot, Honey and rosemary 

Porc marinated with Colombo spice  

Salmon with asparagus 


Lamb with garlic and Herbes de Provence

Beef marinated with beer and spices 

Prices (mix of flavour possible) : 

4 pieces : 18 euros

8 pieces :  36 euros 

12 pieces :  54 euros

16 pieces :  68 euros

20 pieces :  84 euros.

(20 < pieces : price on demand). 

Side dishes 

Ratatouille or fresh Taboulé with herbs :  2,5 euros per person. 

Les Desserts

Our Selection of macarons

Our selection of Macarons for the summer : 

* Citron vert basilic (lime basil)

* Pistache framboise (pistacho raspberries) 

* Chocolat noir (dark chocolate)

* Caramel beurre salé (salted butter caramel) 

Box of 6 macarons (7,5cm) : 10 euros 

Box of  12 macarons (7,5cm) : 20 euros

Box of  18 macarons (7,5cm) : 30 euros

Box of  25 macarons (7,5cm):  40 euros

Box of  32 macarons (7,5cm) :  50 euros

(For more, price on demand). 

Small Macarons "Mignardises" : 30 euros per box of 20 pieces.